• John Lennon Custom Dyed Disc

    Basic Dyed Disc

    Out basic customed dyed discs contain 1 image with minimal cutting as well as your choice of 1 color. Not all photos will... Read More

  • custom dyed disc from photo

    Custom Photo Disc

    We can take most any photo of a person or thing and place it on a disc. With that said, not every photo will work, so it's best... Read More

  • woodstock - joplin, santana, hendrix, garcia dyed disc

    Advanced Discs

    Our advanced custom dyed discs are based on the hours spent in the design and the amount of colors used to make the... Read More

  • Custom Cheeck Marin Dyed Disc - Cheech and Chong

    Pre-Made Discs

    Choose from our selection of pre-made custom dyed discs. The brand, weight, and color of the discs varies based on the inventory.. Read More