Brunswick County Doubles Tournaments and Results.

Below you will find the dates, locations, and results of the weekly/bi-weekly doubles tournaments at both Cougar Country and Bill Smith Park. Doubles Tournaments Tee Off at 6pm Sharp!


Points are accumluated simply by playing. The better you and your partner play, the more points you earn. The setup is simple:

Entry into the tournament earns 5 points automatically.

For each team you beat, you receive and additional point on top of your initial 5.

Example - If you come in 3rd place out of 6 teams, this means you beat 3 other team. You and your partner wil receive 5 + 3 = 8 total points for this given tournament.

On this page, I will keep a tally of the tournament results. As I am not able to make every tournament, the players need to keep up with the score cards either email/text me the results, or give me the card next time you see me.

What will this points do for me? - No idea, ill find out and post it here.


    Brunswick County Disc Golf Point Standings

Weekly Doubles Tournament Setup


Tuesday Nights - Cougar Country
Tee Time: 6pm Sharp - Teams pulled by 5:55pm

Thursday Nights - Bill Smith Park
Tee Time: 6pm Sharp - Teams pulled by 5:55pm